About Zephyrus Networks

Zephyrus is building a distributed nationwide wireless network that will power the internet of things.

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About Zephyrus Networks

Zephyrus was the greek god of the west winds. The gentlest of winds that brought spring and was known as a "fructifying wind" or wind that produced fruit or made things productive.

Zephyrus Global Network is a company doing the same. Far too long the trade winds have blown east to west (trade winds are known to blow east to west) and have favored big corporations, the powerful, connected, and the rich. The common man and middle class have been left out of the riches and spoils of global commerce. No longer!

Zephrus Global Network leverages the global revolution of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency to help build "The People's Network" with Helium blockchain technology. Diametrically opposed to the paths and traditions of the past, Zephyrus is a productive and fruitful trade wind blowing in the opposite direction empowering the people to take the power back and leverage their home and business to own a piece of the next-generation network. You can now participate in the most profitable and exciting new global network being developed.


The difference between an average hotspot host and a top 10% hotspot host can be hundreds of dollars per month. Our goal is to help our members place and setup their hotspots so they are top earners and equip referral partners with the tools and information they need to be successful.

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