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Zephyrus is building a distributed nationwide wireless network that will power the internet of things.


People-Powered Networks.

Powered by the Helium Blockchain, The People’s Network represents a paradigm shift for decentralized wireless infrastructure.

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Helium Systems is an American company founded in 2013 to build the world’s first peer-to-peer LoRaWAN wireless IoT network, “The People’s Network”. This is also the first global, distributed network of Hotspots that provides public, long-range and low-power wireless coverage for LoRaWAN-enabled IoT sensors and devices. Helium claims to have over 80,000 helium hotspots sold in 3,600+ cities to date.

With the introduction of its blockchain, the Helium Network decentralizes IoT coverage resulting in an open IoT wireless network able to connect multiple LoRa-enabled IoT sensors & devices and to combine various LoRaWAN gateways, anywhere in the world, in a cost-efficient way.

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Helium conceived the LongFi technology that is the combination of LoRaWAN wireless protocol and Helium blockchain. Helium LongFi technology benefits from all characteristics and advantages of LoRa network while adding the capacity for gateways owners to earn Helium cryptocurrency (HNT for Helium Network Token) in the process (mining). Helium LongFi also delivers roaming capabilities and supports micropayment transactions so customers only pay based on network usage without needing to deploy gateways or network servers.

The Helium LongFi™ technology is embedded on compatible LoRaWAN gateway to make a Helium Network Hotspot. Helium first released the technology as open source, for third-party manufacturers to build compatible hotspots. The use of the technology was then restrained for approved vendors through the HIP19 certification.



“In typical LoRaWAN networks, a central or regional LNS (LoRaWAN Network Server) is managed by a single entity. Helium’s design for a decentralized network, however, means not only do we want gateways to be independently owned and operated, but we want to enable the independent operation of the LNS. Without this, access to the network would require permission from a single central entity, the LNS operator of the network.”

“Therefore, we want to enable the multi-tenancy of LNS’s on the same public LoRaWAN network. Achieving this distinguishes Helium’s LoRaWAN network from any other: public wireless infrastructure is now compatible with privately run network servers.” - Helium Network Website

Targeting low-power sensors and devices, the Helium Network is powered by compatible Hotspots. A Hotspot is the combination of the Helium Blockchain and the LoRaWAN packet routing software on a single, compact and compatible LoRaWAN gateway. This enables customers to easily participate in the deployment of Helium coverage and use the open LoRa-based wireless IoT networks.  Hotspots range in cost up to $1,000 with a majority between $400 and $700.

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